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Emailing a worksheet

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:45 pm
by TheScripter
You can use ReportsDNA to email an Excel worksheet directly in the body of an email, as an attachment or both.

On the Email tab follow these steps:

    Set the Email After Generate setting to either Send or Preview
    Set the Report Location (Attachment, Body, Body & Attachment)
    Set the Email Format (HTML or plain text). Note: use HTML to preserve Excel's formatting.
    Set the Attach setting (worksheet or workbook) If you want to attach the report
    Enter your normal Email settings (To, CC, BCC, ....). Note: these fields take variables (i.e., you can send an email to a field in the report that either contains an email address or one that resolves to an email address).


Tip: ReportsDNA will automatically remove unresolvable email addresses when the Remove Bad Addresses setting is checked.

See for additional information.